Vincenzo Parea - Biography

Vincenzo Parea was born in Vigevano, a small town situated on the outskirts of Milan, on January 3rd, 1940.

Having completed his initial studies in art at the Scuola per Pittori e Decoratori del Civico Istituto Roncalli (School for Painters and Decorators at the Roncalli Civic Institute) in Vigevano, he furthered his artistic-cultural training in a constant relationship of dialectics and study with the most important contemporary artists.

Indeed the artist’s interests, initially in the purely emotional value of colour, is absorbed by his research into the analytical values of the colour itself following the enrichment of investigation and aesthtetics.

His first abstract work was produced in 1969.

Giuseppe Franzoso
Pictorial Tought
My operations focus on the constant investigation into colour. The harmony of the colours, the tone, the value of the colour are conditions which go beyond substance: they are above all a spiritual and emotional expression of colour.

Mental order makes it necessary for me to be linked to precision, to the structural and reasoned precision which never reaches perfection, which however an only become such through instinctive perception realised in virtue of a colour which is both emotional and created.

The starting point for my experiments is the constructional and concrete which come true in a “new visuality” in the infinite search for colour.

My search is developed with minimum variations in colour. The structural links are not “lines” more a proximity to tones which create invisible lines, void of width, going beyond space towards the infinite. Colour has no size, it is subjective: it is even a pleasure to smell, touch it, mix it, and in certain sense to violate it in order to get to know it, understand it, shape it, invent it, and even to love it.

It is a vibration which becomes light.

Vincenzo Parea